Every month Artland publishes an objective social media ranking of galleries. This month we're focusing on Scandinavian galleries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland). The ranking takes into consideration metrics from Facebook, Instagram and of course Artland.

Top 10 galleries withmost followers

We considered Scandinavian galleries and accounting for social media followers from Artland, Facebook and Instagram. Leading the group are two Danish galleries Edition Copenhagen and V1 Gallery with over 37.000 followers all social media combined.

Top 10 galleries with most followers

Top 10 galleries with most engagementacross all social media

We looked at all social media accounts of galleries, including Artland, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Google Plus. Engagement is considered any actions people take on the social media profile: post likes, comments, shares, etc. Engagement is often considered to correlate with quality of relationship with customers online.

Top 10 galleries with most engagement across all social media

Most followersin each country

We take into consideration followers from Artland, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus for all four Scandinavian countries.

Top 10 galleries with mostInstagram followers

List simply shows the most followers on Instagram up to date.

Top 10 galleries with most Instagram followers

Top 10 galleries with mostFacebook posts per day

Taking the average of all posts, this list shows how engaged are the galleries with their audience on Facebook. Mainly how many times per day do they post, or how active they are.

Top 10 galleries with most Facebook posts per day