Connect with collectors & galleries worldwide and manage your art world one place

Learn how to connect with other collectors and discover new art in 30 seconds

Click on the video to get a 30-second app tour. Learn how you can best use it in order to connect with other collectors, gallerists and discover new art.

Direct messaging helps you connect and interact with other collectors worldwide, in real time

Direct messaging is now available for iOS and soon available for Android phones. Get started and communicate with other collectors, galleries, art lovers in real time, expand your connections and be an active ARTLANDER.

The profile helps to organize your private works

The profile allows you to organize your collection on your phone. It serves as a personal management system and gives you statistics and insights about your artists and artworks. You choose the privacy of your profile yourself - it gives you the opportunity to have an alias or to be private.

Boards help you save and share your favorite art

A board is a way to save the artworks you love - either by uploading artworks you come across or by saving artworks from other collectors in the app. In that way, an artwork lives on a 'board' that clusters related artworks. Someone might sort their boards by need or interest, others sort their boards by category and location.

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The market helps you buy art you love

If you are interested in a work for sale, simply visit the artwork page to send a message directly to the gallery or institution. You can ask about pricing, availability, shipping, and further details. Often, the more information you provide to the gallery about yourself, the quicker the response will be. You can also click 'Ask an Art Specialist', who will be happy to answer any questions you might have. There is no charge for making an inquiry or consulting with one of our specialists.

The discover function helps you to navigate and learn

The discover feature helps you to explore current and past exhibitions, new artists and content that covers the lives, movement, works, and stories that make up the history of art.

The feed helps you to build up your art world

The feed gives the right news at the right time. It is your place to personalize your daily art boost. The feed makes it possible to follow your peers’ collections, your favorite artists, shows near you and galleries that you want to get insights about.