An artistic laboratory of what we leave behind

Interview with artist Troels Sandegård

Humidity, microorganisms, sweat, and dust are but some of the elements in artist Troels Sandegård’s observations of how reality influence him and the way he participates in it. His laboratory practice never focuses on a temporary thematic subject; it is more of a continuous evolution of the same basic observations of reality. A reality in which he is both an observant analyst and the driven protagonist. We met with Troels Sandegård who is currently exhibiting in the Asbæk Lounge at Martin Asbæk Gallery.

32 m/s 2011 Gallery Christina Wilson, DK Materiales: Exhause tubes, ventilator. The work is a amputated hurricane encapsulated in exhausetubes.

When did you first start making art and what motivated you to become an artist?
It all started when I, as a 19 year old, travelled to Pietrasanta, Italy. While I was there, I had the chance to work with the classic art of sculpture, and the slow process was challenging and appealing to me. During my stay, which were about six months, my interest for art, especially sculpturing, grew, which motivated me to send an application to Kunstakadamiet (academy of art) in Copenhagen, and after a couple of failed attempts, I was accepted.

Your artistic practice often revolves around the examination of physical processes in our environment. What kind of stories do you seek to tell with your works?
My works often stem from observations of how reality influence me and how I participate in it. I often see my works as a kind of scale, which quite literally relates to this question. The works are spatial installations or sculptures, which imitate or represent psychical phenomena in real life. By isolating the phenomena from their original body/environment, something that is almost invisible or unnoticed can become something visible and concrete. For example, I have been very interested…

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