Odes to Everyday Life

Interview with artist Marlon Wobst

The art of adding something new to the “old game” of painting is a crucial part of the German artist Marlon Wobst’s practice. For him, making art is an infinite universe that he keeps challenging and exploring. His works are odes to everyday life in which he seeks out the simpleness – both in life and in art. He doesn’t seek perfection. Rather, he believes that great art is a product of failing and realizing its beauty and uniqueness in its imperfection. We met with Marlon Wobst, who is currently having the solo show ‘L’Oasi’ at Galerie Maria Lund in Paris.

Your works often revolve around seemingly simple objects or situations, it seems, however, that you always add a personal twist. What kind of stories do you seek to tell with your works?
My works are odes to everyday life. It is mostly about catching the right moment, regarding the basic laws of painting – color and composition have to be convincing. The story around this moment is non-existent, it is unconsciously made up by the observer. I really tend to…

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