Sunday-S Gallery

Luke Diiorio SoloSeptember 1 - October 12, 2018

About the show

Eight paintings September 2018

The paintings are monochromatic, in a sense.  They consist of similar but independent color, devoid of black and white pigments.  These colors are separated by a physical boundary, the curved panel or sewn canvas. They are multiple and singular. They are the monochrome of both spectrum and form.

Constructing a painting this way feels more akin to the natural world. Fields of infinite color vibrate and surround us everywhere. Similarly, repeating patterns in nature are often overlooked as singular forms. The mind tries to make sense of it all.  The monochrome, as well as the rectangular canvas, is a mental construction that is meant to reflect the natural world at its simplest. Yet in truth, they are lost in nature.  Manipulation, deception, and being a willing participant as the truth is bent around us; this psychosis is fundamental to painting and lies at the heart of abstraction.

Luke Diiorio 2018

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