Charlotte Fogh Gallery

Painting and Other Bad Habits - Group Exhibition & Silent Night by Andreas Schulenburg16 November - 12 January, 2019

About the exhibitions

Painting and Other Bad Habits

In the main gallery the exhibition “Painting and Other Bad Habits” is presented, with 5 international artists who, based on the painting, explore the boundaries of traditional paintings. Common to the artists is that they either consciously or by virtue of the distance to the classical ideals of art, draw a line from Art Brut. Art Brut, translated as “raw art”, was invented by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe art such as graffiti or naive art, which is made outside of the academic tradition. Dubuffet saw the traditional art as hampered and dominated by academic training. For Dubuffet, Art Brut – which included graffiti, the work of insanity, children and primitive artists, was the immediate raw expression of a vision or feelings that were not expressed in academic art. The exhibition, “Painting and Other Bad Habits”, goes beyond this and challenges the classic paintings conventions and boundaries. The works unfold from paintings over boards, plates and shrinks, and span motivationally wide from the abstract to the more figurative; with expressive brush strokes, raw color areas, and with hints of drawings and fragments of stories.

Silent Night

In the Locker Room we present Andreas Schulenburg’s solo show, “Silent Night”, with a series of new feltworks. Schulenburg (born 1975) works in various media such as drawing, watercolor, ceramics and felt. However, Filt is his favorite material, which is displayed in both sculptures and 2D works, as in this exhibition. A thorough theme in Schulenburg’s work is an in-depth focus on the imaginative and its relationship with nature and culture. His felt works have a rather poetic feel, where the soft expression of the felt always covers serious problems, often referring to human existence and its various threats; eg. natural disasters. In the exhibition “Silent Night”, the works are centered at night in a number of cinematic scenarios. The representation of this is expressed through the darkness and the light coming from its void; a light that manifests itself in shapes and shades and leaves the rest in the shadow. In a poetic way, the artist tries to point to the fine line between the calm of the night and the disturbing sense of darkness, loneliness or the unknown.