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Our 3D imaging service captures entire exhibitions in vivid 4K resolution, giving the viewer the feeling of being able to move around your gallery space online, on the web or in the app. It is not an animation, or a film, but fully interactive and responsive. It allows the viewer full navigational control of the experience - their visit to your space, anytime, anywhere.


The opportunity to collaborate with ARTLAND gave Independent the opportunity to embrace early the possibilities of new technologies We now can share the curated exhibitions with global viewers I ways that transcend time and geography. Together we are breaking new ground in how art is experienced, and archived for future generations of culture.

- Elizabeth Dee, Founder/CEO of Independent


Artland’s 3D presentation is an important tool, that gives art collectors the opportunity to travel in a virtual space to exhibitions all over the world. As a gallery, we use it to present the show worldwide and to give our clients a more realistic feeling of the artworks without being present.

Julie Quottrup Silbermann, Senior Director, Nils Stærk


It provides me new ways of expanding the exhibition experience beyond the physical constraints of the gallery. It is not just about reaching a larger audience, but also about providing access to those who cannot personally visit the exhibition.

- Claus Andersen, Founder, Andersen’s Contemporary


I really like the "tag" feature - to me that is what takes it beyond a mere gimmick and turns it into something extremely useful. Great stuff!

- Asger Nielsen, Partner, Hans Alf Gallery

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