Twelve Twelve

Portraits by Saskia Tannemaat01 September - 07 October, 2018

About the show

A solo show by Saskia Tannemaat. Saskia Tannemaat manages to capture the mystery in portraits about desire, happiness and pleasure. For these portraits she uses a mix of materials and techniques. She draws the contouring lines using charcoal, fills the objects with black ink and covers them with paper cloth or Chinese Joss paper. Saskia Tannemaat engages with the world surrounding her, through personal questions and a strong visual language. In her portraits, Saskia doesn’t strive to match reality.

Rather, she wants to portray the underlying story, what lies behind people’s appearance. One may be reminded of the crisis years before World War II in which German expressionism arose when seeing Tannemaat’s portraits. Saskia Tannemaat is inspired by the movement and period, often highlighting its dark similarities with our current society. Through her work you will meet all sorts of people of our current society which are not often shown: transgender and prostitutes. Alluding to both femininity and feminism, her portraits raise different questions: Who are these women? Are they ladies of the past, reflecting on their future, our reality? Perceiving Saskia her work one cannot help but wonder to see a reflection of herself through her portraits.

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