Bo Bjerggaard

Hommage à Per Kirkeby
28 August - 27 October, 2018

About the show

Homage to Per Kirkeby 

With the recent passing of Per Kirkeby, we lost the artist and friend who was the direct reason for found­ ing Galleri Bo Bjerggaard back in 1999. Over the next nearly 20 years, Per never ceased being a source of inspiration and a reference point for all the things we work with and for. 

His wide­ ranging interest in culture, and in visual art above all, made him a highly enlightening person to talk with. But he enlightened us not only through the spoken word. His poetry and his many books on existential issues of art­making and other artists’ work make us smarter about life – and about Per Kirkeby. An artist first of all, Per produced the most important body of work by a Danish artist since Asger Jorn. 

Per’s work is multi­facetted. His ability to express himself in many different media is legendary. While a large part of his vocabulary was conceived back in the 1960s, it continued to evolve all the way up to 2013, when his illness tightened its grip on him. 

This exhibition showcases selected works in most of the media Per incorporated into his art. For the first time ever, we are using the whole gallery for an exhibition, and still there is not room to accom­ modate all of Per’s practices, though most will be represented: masonites, large charcoal drawings, blackboards, bronze models, silkscreens, watercol­ ours of Greenland, gouaches, bronze sculptures and, not least, paintings. 

Per left us a body of work whose importance speaks for itself. Come and see. 

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