Group Exhibition - Anniversary Exhibition
9 November, 2018 - 6 January, 2019

About LNM

LNM – National Association of Norwegian Painters 50 years

The National Association of Norwegian Painters (LNM) is 50 years old. We celebrate this with a two-part exhibition, film shows, concert, seminar and catalog. Jubilee exhibition 1968 | 2018 consists of works from 1968 and 2018, it is curated as one exhibition, but appears in two places: at Kunstnernes Hus and in LNM’s gallery. It was at Kunstnernes Hus it all began with a founding meeting on May 15, 1968. At Bankplassen, LNM operates its gallery with the aim of mirroring the width of Norwegian painting today. Through the anniversary exhibition, we want to investigate the painting’s position today, and discuss how today’s painting relates to the historical backdrop.
In 50 years, the painting has been the dominant expression of art to become part of contemporary art diversity. The death of painting has been declared on a regular basis, only to be followed by the declaration of the resurrection of the painting. To many older painters, it has been a challenging journey through the last decades. But for many younger, there is a freedom that historical ties have been torn over.

LNM has driven artist-driven dissemination of painting since its inception. First through different types of exhibits at different viewing sites, later in our own gallery. LNM is owned and controlled by its members, and the gallery’s exhibition program is judged by a board of artists. This is part of the story we want to tell in the anniversary exhibition. When the anniversary is to be highlighted, it is natural for us that it is the artist’s own gaze that controls the reading of the story. Two curators and an artistic council, all based on the LNM Board, stand for curriculum and academic content in the anniversary exhibition.

The artists

The artists from 1968 were selected among all the first members of the LNM. Some were already established names, while others debuted or had their breakthroughs around 1968. Several were also central to the establishment of LNM, and many have later become central in modern art history. While some have gone away, others are still active and distinctive contemporary artists today.

The selection in the 2018 exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus is based on artists who have exhibited or will exhibit at LNM in the years around 2018. We show a small selection of all the paintings that LNM helps to convey today. With this grip, we let out a lot of what the public knows as central painting today. But the aim of the anniversary exhibition is not to give the full picture of the painting’s position then or now, but rather help to complement it.
LNM Forum at the Artists’ House

The LNM Forum is an event series and a professional meeting place about the painting and related relevant topics. As part of the anniversary exhibition there will be a series of events in the LNM Forum at Kunstnernes Hus with film shows, jazz, quiz and a final panel discussion.

The catalog

In the catalog, artists from 1968 and 2018 will tell their stories. Through texts written by Gunnar Danbolt and Stian Gabrielsen, there is an external view of the story and the exhibition.
All works are devoted to two pages in the directory. On the one hand, the works are displayed in equal proportions to each other. On the other hand, a detailed view of each work is displayed in 1: 1. It has been important to convey both the size and the technical performance through the images chosen for the catalog.
A strength of the painting is that it can be stretched between the tiny details of the monumental gestures. We want both in the exhibition and further into the catalog to guide the viewer to enter and exit different image worlds, where greater or less distance and intimacy will give different experiences.