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You like what you see - René Holm26 October - 1 December, 2018

As painter, René Holm constantly wants to challenge his own painting, both on the surface, in content and purely colorist. René Holm exhibited earlier this year Darkness series at the TRAFO Museum in Stettin, Poland. The series consisted of dark works focusing on the ” light “we humans seek in life!

Natural natural darkness occurs as the most natural every day, and for most of us, we make calm, prepare to fall asleep, and give the body peace and quiet. The night is between 14:00 and 05:00, while at the same time many of the reasons can not sleep, and for them it is a mental nightmare when the day goes on. Others again are best in the dark when almost everyone else has gone to sleep, they are fed up with a rare energy.

Forest “The room” has been an important element in René Holm’s previous works and series of paintings. For many, the forest is a peaceful beautiful place to go for a walk where body and soul can settle. The same forest will be in the darkness of the night , somewhere most people prefer to move around as we all know or have heard scary stories about things that have happened in the dark forest. Maybe the dark forest from children’s books, novels and movies is remembered as a scary place. has, and is still a place where people in war flee into why? The forest can be a hideaway, you can build a shelter that is usually food there, you can make a fire that keeps dangerous animals away, or give warmth to survival. Is the forest also the place we seek to answer questions to the hard life, what are these people on the new works leader or looking for?

The dark state is something we all or more get affected by here in life when we suddenly lose a person who is close to us, loses the courage of life, or the darkness hits our minds, the great challenge is to return to life that find the light again, the light that makes us enjoy life and get up and be ready for the daily challenges. The light that may come from above, from below or from a physical light that helps us find a way through the dark, come through the dark winter, or symbolic “light at the end of the tunnel”.

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